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"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself." Marc Caine

A few words about "FJONA 2006".

In 2000 the company starts it's activity named "Arben Mema” as a small business with a focus on cleaning service utility networks and waste removing . After an affirmed success in the market in 2003 the company form change to a big business company.With passing of the years was considered to expand the range of the services offered,including cleaning of inside and outside area and also greening and maintenance of the environment,and in 2006 the company changes its name to “FJONA 2006”

Kompania "FJONA 2006", është e regjistruar me NIPT: K31321510F me objekt veprimtarie në Pastrim, Gjelbërim, Transport. E krijuar nga pronari dhe administratori aktual Ing. Arben Mema, kompania e mori emrin e saj "FJONA 2006" me date 17.01.2006. "FJONA 2006" fillon aktivitetin e saj me 01.12.2000 me moton “Për një mjedis të pastër"

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