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FJONA 2006

"FJONA 2006" operates based on five pillars which are the essence of the company.

  • Family
  • Fidelity
  • Fairness
  • Friendly
  • Fast

  • The main pillar is family

    Our company is quite consolidated and built with great care and on a firm ground as a family which move forward and develop more and more adopting new technology .

    This large family of more and more increasing , characterized and distinguished above all by the loyalty and justice , perform services required with a maximum accuracy . Having a completed , trained staff, with different work experience , acts expeditiously to perform the services

    Proper communication and collaboration with each other are strong qualities that help us not only to perform the correct service at the right time , but also to establish friendly relations with our customers giving fully our commitment


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  • Adress: Customs Agencies,
    Port of Durres, Office 111
  • Phone: +355 68 20 23 408
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