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"FJONA 2006" is planning to enter in recycling industry. To be part of this industry is needed a large investment and without support of government is considered difficult investment. Anyway we as company are concern about environment and we are going to be part of this industry. In Albania all the wastes are collecting at one place which is decided by municipal, and are letting to decompose in this landfill. We as a cleaning company have looked always the possibility to divide the wastes and to recycle them but never have found good will to the government entity. This make things hard to accomplish because of sum of money which is

needed to invest, and since no one don’t care about this service which is need to be for whole community. But since some alien company are interested for this service and are able to pay for this service, we are planning to start this industry with three steps: First step is to divide the wastes, which we are responsible to collect, in five main category paper, glass, mixed, plastic and organic. In this step we are not able to recycle by our self but by finding company which have this capability to recycle some of this products like glass or paper we will send to them. Second step will be building some of the recycling line like paper, glass, plastic or metal. The final steep will be by

building all the recycling lines and recycling all the wastes. By recycling all wastes we are going to have better environment for us and next generation. It is important to call this world our home, and like we like to be our home clean and shiny also we are going to make our world clean and shiny. (April 2016)

Our world our home !

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